Real Time Fraud Detection
  • Incent Mixing
  • Bot
  • Carrier Fraud
  • Blacklisted Ips
  • Organic Stuffing
  • Click Spamming
  • Click Injection
  • Pixel Stuffing
  • Ad Stacking
  • Incent Mixing

Why mFaaS?

mFaaS is a real-time fraud analysis platform which helps you define and catch the user acquisition fraud happening on your app. It gives you interactive tools to identify the fraud on run-time as per various in-built machine learning algorithms based on research done on 15+ reason codes which are the main reasons for the fraud prevalent in the global mobile adtech industry. FaaS data engines already consists of millions of IPs, sub-publisher-ids, hashed-device-ids, etc. which have been blacklisted across various geos/ categories and this helps FaaS evaluate your app’s traffic across multiple parameters like bot, device spoofing, ip pools, defunct ips, click spamming, emulators, ad stacking, etc.

mFaaS is Unified Mobile Traffic Monitoring Platform

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Integration & Configuration

Easy integration with your app using our SDK. Or integrate-able using the APIs and leading tracking & mobile marketing softwares.

Interactive Reports with Real Time Data & Blacklist Options

15+ Reason Codes Reports

Dig deeper to know the real reasons for fraud and blacklist the fraudulent sources on the runtime.