Android vs. iOS - The Battle Has Seeped Into Mobile Ad Fraud

In the tech world, there is hardly any battle louder than 'Android vs. iOS'. The two operating systems make for almost the entire smartphone users across the globe. Interestingly, it’s not just their respective developers who are adamant at proving their platform better, but even their users (or one can call fanboys) are more fanatic about it. They compare iOS…

Click Fraud Prevention

Digital Advertising is one of the fastest-growing industries with global revenue touching $100 billion and still estimated to grow at a rapid pace for years to come. One of the key winners of this growth is the Pay-per-Click advertising model. There are several reasons for the popularity of Pay-per-Click, such as faster implementation and result delivery. In terms of revenue,…

Click Spamming

Except for the impression, almost every other target in mobile marketing involves click. Recent trends have indicated that advertisers are shifting their focus from impressions to engagements and conversion. Hence, click-based ad models attract more incentives and opportunities. Since every click makes for the paycheck, click spamming is what marketers should be aware of. In this blog, we will share…

Event Fraud in Mobile Advertising in Apps

The mobile industry witnessed an unforeseen growth in the last decade. With the disruptive number of consumers available on mobile devices, the businesses, advertisers, and publishers had to come up with apps, which gives them a better opportunity to deliver a personalized experience to the customer. According to Statista, 205.4 billion apps were downloaded in 2018 and the figure is…

Click Injection

Domains that rely on the mobile industry have soared in terms of user-base as well as profit figures. Mobile-based advertisement domain follows a similar story. However, being infected by frauds like click injection, bots, etc., it fails to help advertisers realize the true ROI per its actual potential. According to a report by eMarketer, mobile internet ad expenses are expected…

ad fraud prevention

April end marks 3 days of significance for mobile internet industry stalwarts as the leading mobile conference, Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), initiates on 26th April  2018. It is one event that brings advertisers from around the world together to exchange ideas and discuss changes that are significantly impacting the mobile ecosystem. The tech industry is abuzz with the news…

ad fraud prevention

Gurgaon | 19th Jan, 2018 Affle’s mTraction FaaS or mFaaS has been recognised and awarded as the industry wide best Big Data Technology Product of the Year at the prestigious IAMAI India Digital Awards. mFaaS enables mobile advertisers and networks to detect and prevent mobile ad fraud not only at a post-mortem level, but during runtime. It processes massive volumes…

Affle launches its fraud detection platform ‐ mTraction | FaaS

Singapore | 1st June, 2017

Affle a Singapore HQ mobile audience intelligence and analytics platforms company today announced the launch of its Fraud Analytics As a Service Platform ‐ "mTraction FaaS" to help the marketers globally to fight mobile ad fraud. According to industry data sources close to USD 16.4B is lost globally due to ad fraud. mTraction FaaS or mFaaS aims to help marketers detect fraud, not at a post mortem level but during run time, thus minimising wastage of precious marketing dollars. mTraction FaaS aims to detect and eliminate the growing fraudulent practices in the mobile performance marketing industry.

Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Affle, on the launch of mTraction FaaS said, "We are extremely excited to announce the launch of this platform as it helps us to address an important and growing problem area for marketers globally. Over the last year our teams have done extensive research over billions of data events to build robust and reliable algorithms to help detect, highlight and eliminate multiple types of ad fraud. mFaaS has been designed on 2 key technological pillars, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with Blockchain technology which helps its data engines to process huge amount of data and detect fraud patterns using 15+ reason codes. We believe that the timing of this launch is also very pertinent as we are seeing significant growth in ad fraud leading to ROI erosion for top marketers. In fact, we are now inviting some of our marquee partners to start using mFaaS on a pilot basis so as to check the reliability of their traffic sources and also understand how mFaaS can add value to enhance their marketing efficiencies."

Speaking on mobile ad fraud, Mr. Takayuki Hoshuyama, President & CEO of D2C Japan said, "Ad fraud is one of the ongoing big issue which getting attention for both Advertisers and Agencies now. Alone in Japan millions of advertising budget is wasted due to advertising fraud. mTraction FaaS, a robust platform developed by Affle is aiming to help the advertisers not only to detect but also protect from fraud sources, hence helping them attain positive ROI from their marketing budgets. The advertising eco-system needs to come together and work with such technological platforms to solve this problem"

Addressing the same, Rajat Basra, CEO of Omnicom Media Group, Indonesia commented, "As much as digital media has been nimble to reach the most relevant audiences & drive higher conversions, it has also been marred by fraud players & practices. mTraction FaaS is great initiative for the industry overall, and advertisers in Indonesia & SE Asia will surely be benefitted by such a service. Ad fraud remains a top concern regarding digital media planning among brand marketers and media agency. Using real time actionable data to boost higher quality transactions is a need of the hour, and will also benefit the publishers/ platforms that have been following the best practices."

Speaking on launch of Affle's mTraction FaaS, Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer Micromax Informatics, said, "Ad Fraud is a growing menace in the fast-growing digital advertising industry. The industry really needs robust platforms to detect and eliminate fraud and that will ensure continued growth for the industry. We thus welcome Affle's launch in this domain and wish them all the best."

mFaaS platform is currently available in English, and shall soon be made available in several other languages like Japanese, to help the mobile marketers globally. mFaaS in its current version is expected to help in significantly cleansing the mobile performance marketing industry and will soon grow in scope to address other forms of fraud use cases in digital advertising. mFaaS is easily integrate-able using SDK and APIs and can also be integrated with the leading third party attribution platforms.
Check this product video for more details.

About Affle :

Affle is a Singapore headquartered company that has built leading 'Mobile Audience Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. The platforms help deliver end-to-end mobile commerce & marketing solutions with greater ROI and transparency for marketers, commerce marketplaces, app developers and publishers through unique intent insights derived from behavioural signals, attribution and transactional data. Having started in 2006, Affle has been a pioneer in the field of mobile technology and has built significant scale and intelligence backed by its robust profile of data and insights about millions of users. Affle's investors include Microsoft, D2C (An NTT DoCoMo subsidiary), Itochu, Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. (BCCL), Centurion Private Equity amongst others./

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