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Gurgaon | 19th Jan, 2018

Affle’s mTraction FaaS or mFaaS has been recognised and awarded as the industry wide best Big Data Technology Product of the Year at the prestigious IAMAI India Digital Awards.

mFaaS enables mobile advertisers and networks to detect and prevent mobile ad fraud not only at a post-mortem level, but during runtime. It processes massive volumes of click and conversion data using multiple algorithms to detect patterns of indicative or definitive fraud, and is currently used globally to detect and reduce ad fraud for campaigns of many top marketers.. It is also helping Ad Agencies, Ad Networks & Publishers to optimize ROI for their customers by helping weed out significant amount of fraudulent traffic which is negatively impacting all in the digital advertising ecosystem.

The platform provides a visual analytics suite that displays data in an easy to action format, allowing Advertisers to block or blacklist traffic sources based on the analysis of 15+ reason codes that identify wide ranging variety of frauds including Click or downstream event hijacking, Click spamming, BOT activities, IP Fraud, Device fraud and many more.

Speaking on this achievement, Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Affle said, “We are humbled and happy to have received this award from IAMAI for our fraud analytics platform mFaaS. Our teams have created this highly scalable and efficient platform which not only helps the advertisers to save their ad dollars but also helps genuine publishers improve quality scores of their traffic. We have filed more than 7 patents for the underlying technology that we are using to detect fraud on mFaaS and are currently working with to make this platform available to top marketers across geographies.”

Speaking on the occasion, Amardeep Singh, Co-founder and CEO Interactive Avenues, said, “We’d like to  congratulate Affle on being awarded the Best Big Data Analytics Product for the year for their mFaaS platform at the IAMAI’s 8th India Digital Awards last night. We’re delighted to have partnered Affle as our mobile advertising partner. Ad fraud is one of the ongoing critical issues which getting attention for both advertisers and agencies now. mFaaS, a robust platform developed by Affle is aiming to help the advertisers not only to detect but also protect them from fraud sources, hence helping them attain positive ROI from their marketing budgets. The advertising ecosystem needs to come together and work on such technological platforms to solve this problem.”

IAMAI is the leading non-government advertising industry body in India. Its mandate is to expand and enhance online and mobile value added services sectors. IAMAI also puts forward problems and requirements of the advertising and mobile community to consumers, shareholders, investors and the Government. IAMAI India Digital Awards is one of the most prestigious internet and mobile awards in Asia, winners of which are decided by an esteemed panel of jury members who come with decades of experience in the industry.

According to Affle, the current version of mTraction FaaS has the potential to revolutionize the mobile user acquisition ecosystem, empowering app marketers across the globe. mFaaS is currently integrate-able using SDK or APIs and can also be integrated with leading third party attribution platforms, all without having to write a single additional line of code by the app owners.

About Affle:

Affle is a Singapore headquartered company, has built leading ‘Mobile Audience Intelligence and Analytics Platforms’. These platforms help deliver end-to-end mobile commerce & marketing solutions with greater ROI and transparency for marketers, commerce marketplaces, app developers and publishers through unique intent insights derived from behavioral signals, attribution and transactional data analysis. Having started in 2006, Affle has been a pioneer in the field of mobile technology and has built significant scale and intelligence backed by its robust profile of data and insights about millions of users. Affle’s investors include Microsoft, D2C (An NTT DoCoMo subsidiary), Itochu, Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. (BCCL), Centurion Private Equity amongst others. For more information: Visit – || ||

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