Cookie Policy

This policy sets out the various scenarios in which we would we using your cookies. Cookies are small alphanumeric texts that are stored in the storage module of your devices. They are often used to help the website visitor derive a personalized experience on the website being visited. These are also used at times to understand the browsing activity and preferences of a visitor on the website, or how the user is engaging on the website. Cookies are stored on the visitor’s browser and can be deleted any time by the user without our consent. Also note, it is advisable to accept cookies in order for you to have a more enriched browsing experience. In other cases, not accepting might not render the web pages efficiently.

mTraction FaaS uses a combination of cookies served by both mTraction FaaS and other partners(tools) integrated on our website. mTraction FaaS would like to clearly state that we do not track or store your personal data such as date of birth, gender, financial information, identity or any such confidential information on our cookies. We also advise visitors to go through our privacy policy in details to understand how the information is being consumed.

Types of cookies

Our website uses multiple tools and services in order to complement your browsing experience and build out a more contextual experience for you. Some of the cookies are listed as below (but not limited to):

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